How To Tame Frizzy Curly Hair: 17 Easy Tips To Reduce Frizz From A Curly Girl

How To Tame Frizzy Curly Hair: 17 Easy Tips To Reduce Frizz From A Curly Girl

In this post, I’m sharing my best tips to tame and reduce frizzy curly hair.

As a curly girl, I know the struggles of having frizzy curly hair. It can be really tough to manage and tame frizz.

Curly hair is known to be prone to dryness which can easily lead to frizzy curls. You’ve probably tried every product on the market, but nothing seems to work.

The truth is that you can’t totally prevent or get rid of curly hair frizz and that’s ok.

Honestly, a little frizz can give curly hair some character and add to its beauty.

However, if you have unruly frizzy curly hair, there are some easy things you can do to reduce the frizz which I cover below.

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17 Tips To Reduce & Tame frizzy Curly hair

Here are some easy tips to follow to reduce curly hair frizz:

  1. Deep condition every week
  2. Use sulfate free shampoo
  3. Clarifying shampoo once a month
  4. Use a cotton tshirt or microfiber towel to dry hair
  5. Maintain protein moisture balance
  6. Apply styling products on wet or damp hair
  7. Use curly girl styling techniques
  8. Never brush your dry curly hair
  9. Choose the right curly girl products for your hair type
  10. Use a curly girl gel for hold
  11. Do not touch your hair the gel cast forms
  12. Diffuse instead of air drying
  13. Protect your curls while you sleep
  14. Reduce chemicals
  15. Trim your hair as often as needed
  16. Use oil on your ends
  17. Drink water & maintain a healthy diet

Deep condition every week

Deep conditioning your curly hair every week is one of the best ways to reduce frizz.

When your hair is hydrated and has enough protein, it’s less likely to frizz.

Deep conditioning treatments help to infuse moisture into your strands, giving them the hydration they need to stay smooth and sleek. Or, if your hair needs more protein, a protein treatment will help to give your strands the needed strength.

Try these incredible curly girl deep conditioners

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Use sulfate free shampoo

Using a sulfate free shampoo will allow you to gently cleanse your curly hair without stripping and drying it out.

Sulfates are harsh chemicals that can strip the natural oils from your scalp and hair, leaving it dry and prone to frizz.

A good sulfate free shampoo will help to reduce frizz and keep your curly hair healthy and hydrated.

Try these curly girl approved sulfate free shampoos

Clarifying shampoo once a month

Frizz can also be caused by product build up.

Cleansing with a clarifying shampoo can remove build-up from your hair, which can reset your hair making it look healthier and less frizzy.

When used once a month, it can help keep your hair looking its best.

Try these clarifying shampoos For Curly Hair

how to tame frizzy curly hair - how to reduce frizz curly hair - how to minimize frizz curly routine

Use Cotton TShirt Or Mirofiber Towel To Dry Hair

A very inexpensive and effective way to reduce frizzy curly hair is by using a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair.

When you use a regular bath towel or terry cloth towel to dry your hair, the rougher fabric can cause friction and make your hair more prone to frizz.

But softer materials like cotton or microfiber will be much gentler on your strands and help to reduce frizz.

Maintain protein moisture balance

Maintaining a balance between protein and moisture in your curls will also help to reduce frizz.

Too much protein can make your hair dry and brittle, while too much moisture can make it limp and lifeless.

Finding the right balance is essential for healthy, happy hair.

Read these posts to get some tips to help you maintain a protein-moisture balance in your hair:

Apply styling products on wet or damp hair

As a curly girl, you probaly already know that applying styling products on wet or damp hair will give you the best results and it will also reduce frizz.

Your curls are the most hydrated and the smoothest when it’s wet and applying your styling products to your damp or wet hair will lock in the moisture before it starts drying and getting frizzy.

Here is my favorite way to apply my curly girl products to reduce frizz.

Use curly girl styling techniques

Using these styling techniques can help to further reduce frizz:

  • applying products to damp or wet hair
  • applying products using prayer hands method
  • using curly girl products
  • styling with a curly girl brush
  • plopping

A very popular way to control frizz is to use the curly girl method.

This technique follows a set of rules that are considered to be the best to care for your textured hair.

By following the curly girl method, you can help keep your hair healthy, hydrated and free from frizz-inducing products.

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Never brush your dry curly hair

Brushing dry curly hair is a sure way to cause breakage and loads of frizz.

Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle and style your wet or damp curls.

Choose the right curly girl products for your hair type

Choosing the right curly girl products for your hair type will also help to reduce frizz.

Before choosing your products on wash day, take some time to assess your hair.

This is firstly help to determine the type of shampoo and deep conditioner you need.

Depending on the state of your hair you may need to cleanse with a sulfate free shampoo or clarifying shampoo if you have product build up.

Similarly, your hair’s state will allow you to determine if you need to deep condition with a deep moisture treatment or a protein treatment.

When choosing your styling products, you also want to think of your hair type and porosity.

If you have fine, thin wavy or curly hair, you’ll want to look for light weight products that will encourage definition and volume.

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If you have thick, coarse curly hair, you’ll want to look for products that will hydrate, define and hold your curls.

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Use a curly girl gel for hold

Curly girl gels are a great option for frizzy, curly hair. After applying hydrating products to your wet hair, gels work to lock in the moisture and provides the necessary hold for your curl definition.

Here are a couple of ways to apply gel for less frizz:

  1. Apply the gel after your leave in conditioner or curl cream, then scrunch or use a denman brush to style
  2. After styling, gently scrunch the gel into your hair
  3. After defining, use the palms of your hands, gently glaze the gel over your defined curl

You will love these gels that curly girls love

Do not touch your curls

Trust me, I know the struggle. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is playing with my curls but it truly is a terrible habit, especially for frizz.

Touching your curls causes friction and leads to frizziness.

Ugh, I know! What a bummer. But if you’re looking to reduce the frizz in your curls, reist the temptation to touch them.

Diffuse instead of air drying

Believe it or not (I know initially, I did not!), one of the biggest culprits of frizzy curly hair can be air drying.

However, it may not be true for all curly girls and all climates.

When I lived in the Caribbean, I always air dried my curls and I didn’t have a big problem with frizz.

However, after moving to Canada, I noticed that my hair was frizzier and due to the climate, it was better for me to diffuse my hair. I was pleasantly surprised to see the results after drying with a diffuser.

Diffusing allows you to evenly distribute heat and prevents your hair from becoming too dry.

It also helps to lock in moisture so your curls stay hydrated and looking their best.

If you choose to diffuse, be sure to use a heat protectant

Protect your curls while you sleep

Another easy way to reduce frizz in curly hair is to protect your hair overnight.

To protect your hair while you sleep:

  • use a satin scrunchie or hair tipe to secure your curls in a loose pineapple
  • secure your curls in a satin or silk bonnet or scarf
  • sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

These simple habits will avoid unnecessary friction, damage and of course, frizz.

Read more about how to sleep with curly hair

Reduce Usage Of Chemical Products

Using harsh dyes or bleaching your curls, for instance can damage your hair and cause frizz.

Choose safer hair dyes to color your hair and don’t use them too often.

Here’s a helpful guide on How to dye your curly hair without causing damage

Trim your hair as often as needed

An extremely easy way to control the frizz on the length of your hair is to trim it.

Trimming your hair will get rid of any split ends that are making your hair frizzy.

Take the time to examing your hair to determine if you have split ends every 6-8 weeks and only trim if it’s necessary.

Use oil on your ends

There are many oils that can be used on the ends of curly hair to help reduce frizz and make the hair more manageable.

Some of the most popular oils used for this purpose include argan oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

Each of these oils has different benefits that can help to improve the condition of curly hair.

Experiment to decide which oil works best for your hair.

Drink water & maintain a healthy diet

It is no secret that what we put into our bodies has a direct correlation to the overall health of our hair. 

So to maintain healthy curls and reduce frizz, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that you have a healthy diet and sufficient water. 

By ensuring that your body is getting the proper nutrients and hydration, you can help to reduce frizzy hair and keep your curls looking their best.

Styling Routine To Reduce Frizzy Curly Hair

Here’s a step by step curly hair routine to minimize frizz:

  1. Cleanse with a sulfate free shampoo
  2. Clarify your curls once a month
  3. Condition and detangle
  4. Deep condition after assesing your hair’s needs
  5. Use a cotton tshirt or microfiber to remove excess water
  6. On wet hair, apply styling products: leave in conditioner, heat protectant, curl cream or curl activator
  7. Apply preferred curly girl
  8. Define curls by scrunching or with a Denman brush
  9. Plop for 10-15 mins
  10. Diffuse after gel cast forms
  11. Break the cast

Types Of Curly Hair Frizz

Curly girls can experience various types of frizz. The most common being:

  • Wet Frizz
  • Halo Frizz
  • Surface Frizz
  • Spider web frizz
  • Dry Frizz

Wet Frizz

Wet frizz occurs while your hair is still wet. It typically occurs after cleansing and before applying your styling products.

Read more about What Is Wet Frizz, Webbing Curly Hair – Causes & How To Fix It.

Halo Frizz

Halo frizz is the frizz you can see at the crown of your head and looks like a halo of frizz on top of your head.

Surface Frizz

This frizz typically happens only on the outer layers of your curls and not under.

Spiderweb frizz

This type of frizz forms a pattern of a spider’s web and can be experienced both when you hair is wet and when it is dry.

There are probably other types of frizz but following the tips below would help all types of frizz.

Causes Of frizzy Curly hair

As I mentioned above frizz is often an unavoidable reality with curly hair.

But what exactly causes frizzy hair? Here are a few of the most common causes of frizz in curly hair:

Humidity: When the air is full of moisture, it can cause your hair to swell and become frizzy. This is why frizz is often more prevalent in summertime and for curly girls in humid climates.

Protein Moisture Balance: As you know, curly hair tends to be on the drier side, which can lead to frizz. However, too much moisture or protein can also lead to frizziness.

Damage: Damaged hair is also more likely to be frizzy. If your curls are dry, brittle, or damaged in any way, they will be more susceptible to frizzing.


Taming frizzy curly hair doesn’t have to be as daunting and difficult as it may seem.

By following the 17 tips in this post, you can reduce frizz and have the beautiful, healthy curls you’ve always wanted.

So don’t wait any longer, start taming your frizzy curly hair today!

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