How To Style Low Density, Fine Curly Hair

low density, fine curly hair routine and styling tips

Do you have low density, fine curly hair and you’re struggling to style it? Then, this post is for you.

Below, I have a thin or low density, fine curly hair routine for you and some pretty cool tips and tricks to get a fuller, voluminous look when you style.

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Low Density vs Fine Curly Hair

Fine curly hair looks and feels thin in comparison to thicker hair. Fine curly strands can also be more fragile and may break more easily.

Density, on the other hand, refers to how much hair you have. With low-density hair, you can typically see your scalp more easily.

Both can cause styling to be a little more difficult as they can both look weighed down and lymph quite easily.

Even though styling may be a little more challenging, there are tips that you can follow for your curls to be healthy and look their best.

Low Density, Fine Curly Hair Tips

  1. Clarify at least once a month
  2. Use sulfate free shampoos
  3. Style hair when it’s damp
  4. Use light weight styling products
  5. Don’t layer styling products – use One product styling routine
  6. Do not apply curly girl products to your roots
  7. Don’t scrunch your gel to close to the scalp
  8. After drying, separate curl clumps
  9. Fluff roots with fingers or pick

Clarify at least once a month

Low density, thin curly hair should be clarified at least once a month, maybe even twice a month.

Fine curly hair tends to be more susceptible to sweat, oils and product build up on your scalp and hair. When this happens, your curls will be weighed down and look lymph and dull.

Clarifying more often will remove dirt and product build up to keep your curls healthy and reveal well-defined curls.

Use sulfate free shampoos

Sulfate free shampoos are excellent for low density, fine curly hair. They gently cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping your curls.

They remove product build up well and will help with curl definition and shine.

Try some of these curly girl sulfate free shampoos.

Style hair when it’s Wet Or Damp

This tip for your thin or fine curly hair takes a little experiementing on your part. Some curly girls with low density, thin curls get good results when they style on soaking wet hair and other swear by styling on damp hair. So, try out both techniques and she what works best for you.

Use light weight styling products

For low density, fine curly hair, lightweight products are better than heavy curl creams or butters.

Heavier curly hair products will weigh down your curls and leave you with flat, dull curls.

Light weight products won’t weigh down your fine curly hair and will help to make it look voluminous.

So, if you have low density or fine curly hair, avoid curly hair products with butters like shea or coco butter and instead try products that are liquid like milks or mousse or thin gels.

If you still want to use curl creams or butters, you can dilute it with some water in the palm of your hands before applying it to your hair. This will also make the application easier.

Don’t layer styling products – use One product styling routine

Using only one product for your low density, fine curly hair styling routine is sufficient for great results.

Layering products when you have low density, fine curls will weigh it down and create too much product build up.

Do not apply curly girl products to your roots

Applying products to the roots of your hair will weigh it down and prevent you from getting root volume.

Instead, apply your hair to the lower half of your hair strands.

Don’t scrunch your gel to close to the scalp

When scrunching in gel, be careful not to scrunch all the way up to your scalp as this will prevent root volume.

You may even prefer to style with your head upside down.

After drying, separate curl clumps

If you have large curl clumps, gently separate them at this point. Creating lots of smaller curl clumps will add volume for thin, fine curly hair.

Fluff roots with fingers or pick

Shaking or fluffing your roots will help lift the hair at the roots and give you root volume.

Low Density, Fine Curly Hair Routine

This is a great curly hair routine from wash day to styling for your low density, fine curly hair.

  1. Wash with sulfate free shampoo
  2. Condition or Deep Condition
  3. Apply Leave In conditioner or curl cream
  4. Scrunch in gel or mousse
  5. Diffuse
  6. Scrunch Out The Crunch
  7. Fluff and pick roots

Wash with sulfate free shampoo

Wash your scalp and hair with a sulfate free shampoo to remove dirt and product build up. Use a scalp brush to massage and help cleanse your head.

Rise the shampoo thoroughly before moving on to conditioning your hair.

Condition Or Deep Condition

Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the length of your hair. Try not to get too much conditioner on your scalp.

Once you’ve applied your conditioner, you can use a detangling brush to evenly distribute the conditioner and detangle.

After detangling squish to condish to encourage curl definition.

Using this technique to condition your hair helps with curl definition and makes the styling process easier.

Be sure to rinse the conditioner thoroughly.

If you’re deep conditioning, try this deep conditioning routine.

Apply Leave In conditioner Or Lightweight Cream

After using a microfiber towel or cotton t shirt to dry your hair a bit, apply a light leave in conditioner or curl cream to your hair.

You can start from the ends and work your way up but be careful not to apply to your root.

You can use your favorite curly girl brush, like a denman brush or behairful brush to distribute the product evenly. Brushing also helps to reduce frizz.

Next, define your curls in sections. Use your brush in small sections of your hair to avoid large curl clumps.

Hold your brush vertically against your scalp and brush each section away from your scalp (don’t brush down) to encourage lifting.

For the top of your head, brush up and let your curl clumps fall back.This also helps sto create volume at the roots.

Creating smaller curl clumps and ringlets will give your a more voluminous look.

Scrunch in gel or mousse

Once you’ve styled your curls, gently glaze and scrunch in a small amount of your preferred curly girl gel or mousse.

Don’t use too much product, because even though it’s lightweight, if you’re heavy with the gel, it can still weigh down your curls too much.

A light weight gel or mousse that will create a gel cast will help to hold your curls for longer lasting results.

Once, you’ve finished scrunching in your gel, don’t touch your hair anymore and air dry your hair until a gel cast forms.


Once your gel cast has formed, diffuse your hair until it’s completely dry.

Diffusing will help with volume.

If you’re afraid of using heat, you can diffuse on the cool setting.

Scrunch Out The Crunch

After diffusing, use a small amount of oil to scrunch out the crunch. The oil is mainly to prevent frizz but you can skip it and just scrunch.

Be sure to also gently break up any large curl clumps to add volume.

Fluff and pick roots

This is one of the most important steps when you’re styling your low density, fine curly hair. Gently shake the roots of your hair to encourage volume.

You can also use a pick to create extra volume.

Curly Girl Products For Low Density, Fine Curly Hair

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Deep Conditioners

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Leave In Conditioners

Curly Hair Gels

Curly Hair Mousse

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  • Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam – Buy on Amazon
  • Moroccan Oil Curl Control Mousse – Buy on Amazon | Sephora

That’s it guys! I hope this curly hair routine helps you to achieve the curls and volume that you’re after.

If you have any tips that can help a fellow curly girl style their low density, fine curly hair, let us know in the comments below.

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