Curly Girl Gift Guide – Best Gifts For Curly Hair In 2022

Curly Girl Gift Guide – Best Gifts For Curly Hair In 2022

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Check out this 2022 curly girl gift guide to get inspiration for the best gifts to get your loved one with curly hair (3a 3b hair) or wavy hair (2a 2b 2c hair). Or, maybe you’re a curly girl looking for the perfect gift for your hair.

These curly hair products are perfect for any occasion – birthday gift, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or just because gifts.

I’ve categorized the curly hair products for this gift guide into various budgets so that you can choose the perfect curly girl gift to suit your pocket.

Be sure to share this curly hair gift guide with your loved ones so that they can be inspired to get you a great gift.

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Luxurious Curly Hair Gifts

This higher-end curly hair product is still on my wish list and I bet your curly girl will love to receive one as a gift!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Buy on Saks Fifth Avenue | Sephora | Sephora Canada | Nordstrom (Gift Edition)

I wanted to start this curly hair gift guide off with a bang! I really don’t know a curly girl who doesn’t have this dryer on their wish list.

This is the most expensive curly girl product on this gift guide – the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Curly girls rave that they get the best results when diffusing with the Dyson Hairdryer and one day I’d love to own one. The claims are pretty incredible:

  • reduced drying time
  • shinier curly hair
  • more defined ringlets
  • less frizz

Curly Hair Gifts Under $25

  • The Perfect Hair Care Towel – great, thin, light weight hair towel. It doesnt damage your hair while drying. Buy on Amazon
  • Denman brush – a definite must-have for defined curls! Buy on Amazon
  • Tangle Teezer Brush – perfect for detangling curly hair and definition. Buy on Amazon
  • Satin scrunchies – Ties hair without damaging it. Buy on Amazon
  • Satin robe – style your curls while wearing this to reduce frizz and damage. Buy on Amazon
  • Satin bonnet – sleep with this bonnet for added curly hair protection. Buy on Amazon
  • Deep conditioning heat cap – microwaveable and easy to use to deep condition your curly hair. Buy on Amazon
  • Continuous spray bottle – effortlessly mist water on your hair for your curly hair refresh days. Buy on Amazon
  • Fogless shower mirror – a perfect addition to your shower for wash days. Buy on Amazon
  • Alligator hair clips – these hair clips make styling so easy and helps to create volume at your roots! Buy on Amazon
  • Coil Hair ties – prevents tangling and hair breakage when you put your curls up. Buy on Amazon
  • Hair Growth Length Check T Shirt – fun way to keep track of her curly hair growth. Buy on Amazon

Gifts For Curly Hair Under $50

  • EZbasics Steamer – use this facial steamer to wake up your curls for easier refresh days. Buy on Amazon
  • Lpinye Salon Hair Dyer – this 1800W dryer has a “Dyson” look but is significantly cheaper. It dries your hair quickly and curly girls love their results. Buy on Amazon
  • Slip Silk Scrunchies – very cute silk srunchies for damage free curly hair styles. Buy on Amazon
  • Olaplex Hair Repair Trial Kit – get this gift for your curly girl to try out these amazing Olaplex products – Olaplex No 3, No. 4, No.5, and No.6 Buy on Amazon
  • Olaplex Hair Perfector No3 Repairing Treatment – repairs damaged curly hair and strengthens hair strands. Buy on Amazon | Sephora
  • Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil – this amazing oil will boost shin and strengthen curly and wavy hair. Buy on Amazon

Curly Hair Gifts Under $100

  • Steamer – even though this is a facial steamer, you can use it to refresh your curls in the morning without having to mist to dampen or wet your day 2 or 3 curls. Buy from Vanity Planet
  • Curl Smith Wavy Wash Day Bundle – gift set with Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash, Weightless Air Dry Cream & Hydro Style Flexi Jelly – Buy on Amazon
  • Curly Smith Detox Kit – perfect gift for the curly girl who needs deep clarifying. Gift set comes with Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer, Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic & Post-Biotic Calming Conditioner. Buy on Amazon
  • Curl Smith Rainbow Hair Makeup Bundle – for the curly girl who wants temporary hair color. Comes with Turquoise, Copper, Gold, Rose Gold and Ruby. Buy on Amazon

I hope this curly hair gift guide has inspired you to get your loved one the perfect gift for her.

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