21 Romantic Gestures For Her – 21 Day Love Challenge

21 Romantic Gestures To make Melt – 21 Day Love Challenge


This 21 day love challenge will make your wife or girlfriend feel special and loved. These romantic gestures for your wife or girlfriend will show her how much you love her.

Do these romantic gestures for the next 21 days to reignite the spark in your relationship.

The best part of this 21 day love challenge is that you will form a new habit for your relationship. Consistently showing the love you have for your partner is crucial to the health of your relationship.

At the end of the 21 days, you may even choose to continue doing one thing, in particular, every day!

For instance, doing something in your partner’s love language everyday life, sending a thoughtful message or words of affirmation, taking something off of your partner’s daily to-do list, or exercising together.

After 21 days, you will be in the habit of doing something extra special for your partner every day.

21 Romantic Gestures For Her

  • Day 1 – Send a thoughtful direct message
  • Day 2 – Go for a walk together
  • Day 3 – Cup her face when you kiss her
  • Day 4 – Cook her favourite meal
  • Day 5 – Have something thoughtful delivered to her
  • Day 6 – Take her out on a date you planned
  • Day 7 – Romantic scavenger hunt
  • Day 8 – Write corny notes on her favorite fruit
  • Day 9 – Breakfast in bed
  • Day 10 – Leave a love note for her to find
  • Day 11 – Plan a movie night
  • Day 12 – Surprise her with a framed picture of the two of you
  • Day 13 – Give her a massage
  • Day 14 – Create a relationship bucket list
  • Day 15 – Make her a playlist of meaningful songs
  • Day 16 – Give her a list of 21 things you love about her
  • Day 17 – Go to bed at the same time
  • Day 18 – Bring her a favourite snack just because
  • Day 19 – Take a bath together
  • Day 20 – Paint her a picture
  • Day 21 – Make a vision board with her

Even though this post is written with a wife or girlfriend in mind, it’s a great list of romantic gestures for your husband or boyfriend too!

Use this list of romantic gestures and tailor it to suit your partner’s love language.

Day 1 – Send a thoughtful Direct message

Sending your significant other a direct message makes her know that you’re thinking of her.

A simple, thoughtful message could just be the thing she needs to brighten her day. Think of messages like these:

  • just because
  • thinking of you
  • a compliment about her smile or personality
  • appreciation for her
  • a memory you shared with her
  • funny messages
  • or you can spice things up and send a flirty, cute message

Day 2 – Go for a walk together

Getting out for some fresh air with your partner can help to breathe new air into your relationship. Hold hands and take a stroll in a beautiful part of your town or city that you haven’t been to and simply enjoy each other’s company. You can even take it up a notch and plan to stroll around sunrise or sunset.

Or take a run with her and get some fresh air and exercise in together.

No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with doing this with your wife or girlfriend.

Day 3 – Cup Her Face When You Kiss Her

Next time you kiss your wife or girlfriend, pull her close, look into her eyes and gently cup her face as you kiss her. This can show her that you’re intentional and passionate about her.

The emotion behind the kiss will make it feel extra special and remind her of how much you feel for and love her.

Day 4 – Cook her favourite meal

Taking the time and putting in the effort to cook a meal just for your wife or girlfriend can add such a sweet personal touch to a dinner date at home.

Of course, getting her favorite takeout can be acceptable if you don’t enjoy cooking or you’re not good at it.

Add romantic music and candles to set the mood for a memorable evening.

Day 5 – Have Something Thoughtful Delivered

If you know she has had her eye on something, get it for her and surprise her by having it delivered to her (even at home!).

Flowers are also a timeless suggestion for this one – if your wife or girlfriend has a favorite flower, get them delivered to her with a thoughtful note.

If she isn’t into flowers, you can get her a plant or even the seeds so that she can plant them when she gets home.

Day 6 – Take her out on a date you planned

If she is normally the one to plan dates or outings with you, switch it up and surprise her with a date that you’ve planned.

Try to think of everything involved in the date, so that she can just relax and totally enjoy the date.

Day 7 – Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Create a romantic scavenger hunt with clues based on important dates or events in your relationship.

You can also use memories or base the clues on the way you feel about her.

You can do the scavenger hunt at home or plan a series of clues that lead to various locations that you can get to in one evening, all leading to the big prize!

Day 8 – Write corny notes on Her Favorite Fruit

This one is so cute and is sure to make her smile.

Or, if she loves smoothies, make one for her and attach a cute, corny note.

Day 9 – Breakfast In Bed

Plan to get up before her and make her favorite breakfast in time for when she usually wakes up. Try to go for something she loves but doesn’t usually have.

You can also leave her a note next to her on the bed so that she would easily see it and not come down to spoil your surprise 🙂

Day 10 – Leave a love note for her to find

Hide a love note in her diary, handbag, or on the mirror of the bathroom. Somewhere that you’re sure she will see it at some point during the day.

If you have access, you can even put a love note as a reminder on her calendar without her realizing it.

Day 11 – Plan a movie night At Home

Plan a cozy night in with your wife or girlfriend. Choose the show, get food, snacks, drinks, and dessert.

Day 12 – Surprise her With a framed picture of the two of you

Find your favorite picture of you and your significant other, make or buy a beautiful picture frame and give it to her.

You can also use a service like Shutterfly, select a few pictures and choose a cute quote to make it extra special!

Day 13 – Give her a massage

Plan to do this when you have enough time to set aside. Make it extra relaxing by using her favorite scented oils, adding candles and soft music.

Day 14 – Create a relationship bucket list together

Make a list of all the things you would love to do with your partner. Think of places you would want to visit with her and experiences you would love to have with her.

Try to get one another to try something new and challenging.

Day 15 – Make her a playlist of Meaningful songs

Send her a thoughtful playlist of all the songs that remind her of how you feel about her.

Don’t forget to add in the songs that are memorable and meaningful to both of you.

Day 16 –  Give her a list of 21 things you love about her

Let her know all of the things that you love about her, even if you’ve told her before.

You can put it in a love letter or you can make the list digitally so that she can save it to her phone or computer.

Day 17 – Go To Bed At The Same Time

Everyone is so busy these days that sometimes you can fall into the habit of going to bed at different times. Make an extra effort to plan and structure your day well so that you go to bed with your partner at the same time.

This also has the added benefit of ensuring that you have a cut-off time for your to-do list so that you can ensure that you have a good night’s rest.

Day 18 – Bring her a favourite snack just because

When you come home from work or get back from the store, surprise her with her favorite snack to let her know you’re thinking of her.

Day 19 – Take a Bath together

Set the mood with some candles, low lights, music, and maybe even some wine. Enjoy a relaxing, bubble bath together just talking and reconnecting with each other.

Day 20 – Paint her a picture

Whether you’re artistic or not, try painting her a picture. If nothing else, surely the effort will count!

Day 21 – Make a Vision Board With Her

Take some time and talk with your girlfriend or wife about one another’s personal goals as well as your dreams and goals for your relationship. This can go a long way for you guys to align goals so that you grow together and support each other for individual goals.

Final Thoughts On Romantic Gestures For Her

The goal for the next 21 days is to try to find something romantic to do every day that you don’t usually do. So use this 21 day love challenge as a guide and tweak to suit you, your partner, and your relationship.

A cool benefit of following this 21 day love challenge is that when you do romantic gestures for her, every day, for at least 21 days and at the end of the challenge, these romantic gestures will become a habit and a part of your daily life.

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