Twist By Ouidad : Curly Girl Twist Hair Product Review & results

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Twist by Ouidad is a curly hair product line that puts moisture first and might be exactly what your curls have been waiting for.

Their products are designed with moisturizing, reducing frizz, and curl definition in mind.

Twist Hair offers many different product lines so that you can choose the product that’s right for your curly hair needs.

You can even take a fun hair quiz to help find the best products for you. I’m sometimes skeptical about these types of quizzes, but it was pretty spot on with recommending what my curly hair needed.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my review of the recommended Twist Hair products and why I loved each one.

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Next, I’ll review the products I’ve used from the Twist by Ouidad product lines.

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Twist By Ouidad Light Clarifying Shampoo

Buy now on: Amazon | Twist Hair

The Hit Reset Light Clarifying Shampoo is gentle, lathers well and doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling dry.

According to their website, this clarifying shampoo contains aloe vera which helps to soothe the scalp as you gently cleanse. This amazing shampoo also contains rice protein and panthenol to protect your hair’s trexture and encourage volume and lift.

My 3a 3b curls really love it!

After one wash, my curls no longer felt weighed down with product and oil build up and didn’t feel stripped or dry either – a true instant reset!

After rinsing the shampoo, my scalp and hair felt clean and my hair felt very soft and hydrated. I really love this feeling after I’ve cleansed my hair.

I highly recommend this light clarifying shampoo for your weekend wash days.

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Twist By Ouidad Gentle Oil Infused Shampoo

Buy now on: Amazon | Target

This shampoo does it’s job well of gently cleansing and restoring moisture to my dry curls.

After washing, my scalp and hair felt clean but this shampoo didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped, which made detangling with the conditioner so easy.

It’s gentle enough to use more often than once a week and it’s perfect for a weekly wash once you don’t have too much build up.

Twist By Ouidad Gimme It All 4-in-1 Hydrating Conditioner

Buy now on: Amazon | Target

This product really does deliver on its name – it gives you all options to use in your routine.

This Twist Hair product can be used to:

  • co wash
  • condition
  • treat
  • style

I’ve used it as a conditioner and in my styling routine and love the results.

As a styler,

This conditioner is not curly girl method approved as it contains isohexadecane that should be avoided.

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Twist Sunday Feels Deeply Hydrating Hair Mask

Buy now on: Amazon | Twist

Twist by Ouidad’s Hydrating hair mask is impressive!

After just one use, for just 5 minutes, this mask made my curls so hydrated and defined.

The slip is incredible and makes the hair mask easy to apply. The recommended length of time to leave this mask on is 3-5 minutes or overnight if you’re looking for a deeper treatment.

After using this mask, my hair is a lot easier to style and I’ve found that I don’t need to use as much styling product as I used to.

Twist Boss Bounce Light As Air Buildable Styling Cream

Buy now on: Amazon | Twist

I’ve tried many curl creams over the years and I always go back to the Shea Moisture Hibiscus Curl Cream, simply because it works the best for my curly hair.

I was very excited to try Twist’s styling cream as I loved the results from just cleansing and conditioning my curls. I’m happy that I was not disappointed at all.

The one thing I didn’t love about this product was the smell but thankfully, it doesn’t leave my hair smelling like the product.

The moisture and definition I get from styling with this product is truly remarkable. The ingredients work really well to moisturize, define and minimize frizz.

Twist by Ouidad product review. Curly girl review, routine & results

Twist Weather Up Gel

Buy now on: Amazon | Twist

This is my absolute favorite styling product from Twist by Ouidad.

This weightess curly defining gel is perfect for humid weather. It reduces frizz and enhances curl definition to leave you with bouncy defined curls.

This gel is incredibly moisturizing, defines my curls and minimizes frizz – leaving me with a pretty awesome wash day result.

If you have dry curly hair – this gel is a definite MUST HAVE for your curly hair routine.

Twist By Ouidad Wash Day Routine

This is my very simple curly girl routine using the Twist by Ouidad Products reviewed in this post:

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Step 1: Cleanse & Condition

  • Cleanse with the Hit Reset Light Clarifying Shampoo
  • Detangle & Condition using Gimme It All Conditioner
  • Deep Condition with Sunday Feels Hydrating Hair Mask
Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Step 2: Style

In sections, rake a small amount of Boss Up Bounce Styling Cream to each section. The number of sections you decide on will depend on your hair’s texture and thickness.

I style my hair in three sections, because the middle of my hair needs a lot of extra TLC.

For super quick styling, I can get away with just 2 sections but refresh days take a little longer.

So, I style each section in this way:

Apply your styling cream to the section and brush using Tangle Teezer to ensure the product is distributed evenly.

Next, smooth weightless gel over the section.

Lastly, define curls using a Denman Brush or your preferred styling brush. You can also choose to simply scrunch in the gel.

Once all of the sections are styled, plop your hair to encourage root definition and for the curls to “set”.The length of time you plop for is ultimately a personal preference, so experiement and see what works best for you.

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Step 3: Diffuse & Scrunch Out The Crunch

After plopping, it’s time to diffuse and scrunch out the crunch once your curls are dry.

After sleeping with my hair in a loose pineapple, these are my results. I didn’t add any more product, I simply took out my satin scrunchie and gently shook out my curls.

Twist by Ouidad curly girl product review, curly girl routine, curly girl wash day & results

Is Twist By Ouidad Curly Girl Approved?

Are Twist Products curly girl Method approved?

Not all Twist Hair Products are curly girl approved but many of them are safe to use for the curly girl method.

Even though some Twist products are not curly girl method approved, all of their products are safe from:

  • D4, D5 and D6 silicones
  • Harsh sulfates
  • Mieral Oil
  • Parabens
  • Petrolatum
  • Phthalates

List of curly girl approved products from Twist by Ouidad:

Twist Hair Cleansers

Twist Hair Conditioners

Twist Hair Cream Stylers

Twist Hair Gel

Twist Hair Oil

Twist Hair Refresh Spray

As mentioned in the intro, Twist hair products aim to put moisture first, which is very welcomed by girls with naturally dry hair. There are 3 lines:

Twist By Ouidad Essential Moisture

Twist By Ouidad Extra Moisture

Please remember that brands can change their formulas at any time so if you are following the curly girl method, it’s a good idea to check the site for the ingredients and enter them into a site like to see if it’s curly girl approved.

Final Thoughts On Twist By Ouidad Curly Girl Products

Twist by Ouidad products have certainly proved that it deserves a spot in my curly routine. The price point of the products and the results I get from these curly girl products are really hard to ignore.

All of the products feels great, smell great and make my curls look great.

Most importantly, Twist by Ouidad has improved the health of my curls in a very short space of time without breaking the bank!

What about you? Have you’ve already tried any products from this brand? If so, let me know what you think of these products in the comments below.

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