52 Journal Prompts For Kids

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Journal prompts can help kids start their journaling journey. Teaching kids to journal is one of the best ways to help them to discover and become the best version of themselves. Journaling for kids is just as beneficial as it is for teenagers and adults. The best part of your children journaling is that the positive effects will follow your kids into adulthood.

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Why Kids Should Journal

Kids should journal to express themselves and to begin learning to explore and work through their thoughts and feelings. It can also jumpstart goal setting and tracking habits.

At a young age it’s very beneficial for kids to understand that journaling is a form of self care and relaxation.

It will also help their creative juices flow and help them develop their writing skills.

Journal Prompts For Kids

So, you’re convinced that journaling is a great thing for your kids to start. But now you’re probably wondering, ” what are some god journal prompts for kids?”

Kids are naturally inquisitive and this is a good opportunity to let them lead while you provide the necessary guidance for them to write.

However, there may be times when they are stuck on one topic, or they may not know what they want to write about. That’s where journal prompts for kids are helpful.

Journal prompts will help to inspire your child’s writing and help them to expand on one topic. These prompts will provide guidance for their journaling and allow them to explore the topic at a more in-depth level.

I got my kids involved in preparing this list, so these journal prompts are kid approved!

  1. Three things I love about myself
  2. What makes me unique
  3. Three things I’m grateful for
  4. Why do I love my family
  5. Am I a good son and brother?
  6. Who is my favorite superhero
  7. In my life, I look up to
  8. Goal for this week
  9. My accomplishments of yesterday
  10. What was the best part of my day
  11. What was the least favorite part of my day
  12. My biggest fear is
  13. When I get angry, how do I calm down
  14. What is my favorite activity
  15. How do I relax?
  16. I feel scared when
  17. What makes me feel safe?
  18. What makes me brave?
  19. I’m a good person because
  20. One thing I would like to improve about myself
  21. What is my love language
  22. I am happy because
  23. What habit would I like to develop
  24. A habit that I would like to stop
  25. What motivates me
  26. I’m proud of
  27. Am I confident?
  28. Something I’m excited about and look forward to
  29. The happiest day of my life was
  30. I like to learn because
  31. My favorite subject is
  32. When I grow up I want to be a
  33. What makes someone a good friend
  34. My best friend is
  35. My favorite day to celebrate
  36. What is my favorite time of the day? Why?
  37. I like to tell the truth because
  38. Do I like it when things change?
  39. What do I wish for?
  40. Why do I think I was born? (what is my purpose?)
  41. Where did my ancestors come from
  42. My favorite food is
  43. What is my favorite type of music
  44. My favorite song is
  45. My favorite family tradition is
  46. When I miss my Grandparents I
  47. When I miss my friends I
  48. My favorite television show is
  49. My favorite book to read is
  50. My favorite toy is
  51. My favorite game is
  52. My favorite animal is
52 Journal Prompts For Kids

Make Journaling Fun For Kids

To encourage your kids, you can make a journal book with them. Let them choose how they would like to design it and help them create it. Or, you can buy a really nice journal for them and let them personalize it.

When they’ve written in their journal, encourage them to draw, color, use stickers or glitter to decorate their masterpiece.

You don’t have to wait until your kids can write. These journal prompts are ideal for toddlers and infants too. You can ask your child these questions and write down their answers for them. When they get older, it would be so much fun for them to look back at their responses.

Are you excited to help your kids embark on their journaling journey? Let me know!

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