The Best Gifts To Give Grandparents

best gifts to give grandparents

As I’m sure you know, getting the best gift for grandparents can be a task! Especially when they seem to have everything that they need and all that’s important to them is your company. Now more than ever, you may be seeking to compensate for not being with them physically.

I’ve put together a short list of gift ideas for grandparents that are sure to put a smile on their faces and make them feel loved, even from a distance.

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What Is The Best Gift To Give Grandparents

The best gifts to give grandparents will surely warm their hearts. Especially, at this time, a thoughtful gift can ease the pain of the fact that you’re unable to be together physically. They will not only cherish the gifts but the meaning of the gift.

The best way to make your gift very meaningful and sentimental is to personalize it – whether it’s with names or handmade arts & crafts.

Best Gifts For Grandparents

These are great gift ideas to give your grandmother and grandfather for any ocassion. To make shopping a breeze for you, I’ve included Amazon links. Simply click on any of the gift ideas to get them on Amazon!

I’ve also added in some techy products to help them stay in touch easier with grandkids and loved ones and to help them daily.

  1. Personalized Picture Frame Of Grandkids
  2. Smart Digital Picture Frame
  3. What I love about Grandma and What I love about Grandpa
  4. Letters to my grandchild
  5. Personalized calendar
  6. Blanket
  7. Warm slippers
  8. Matching PJs with the grandkids
  9. Personalized cutting board
  10. Herb garden for the kitchen
  11. Kettle
  12. Ninja Mega Kitchen System
  13. Instant Pot
  14. Food processor
  15. Multi-Purpose Hand Held Blender
  16. Ilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  17. Video Door Bell
  18. Automatic bag illuminator
  19. Bluetooth Tracker
  20. DIY art & craft

Personalized Picture Frame Of Grandkids

A personalized picture frame is one of my favorite gifts to give grandparents. Especially when kids are young or when there’s a new addition to the family. It’s a meaningful and sentimental gift that your grandparents are sure to love.

Smart Digital Picture Frame

Your grandparents will absolutely love a smart digital picture frame. You can send pictures instantly to these picture frames. Depending on the smart frame you choose, you can wirelessly send your latest photos via wifi, email, or a designated app.

What I love About Grandma & Grandpa

These “What I Love About You” books are cute, easy to fill descriptions about what you love about your grandparents. It’s not clunky at all and it’s small enough for your grandparents to keep it close to them. If your kids are young, you can even use some of the questions and let them make their own art & craft project out of it for grandparents to display.

Letters To My Grandchild

These are prompted letters for grandparents to write to their grandkids to share their experiences and words of wisdom. This is a beautiful and sentimental gift that both will treasure.

Personalized Calendar

A personalized Calendar is a great way for grandparents to display pictures of their loved ones and even take a trip down memory lane with a calendar of them in their younger days! In addition to noting important dates and holidays, you can also add quotes and messages from you to them. There are lots of websites set up for you to easily make and send out to your grandparents. Some favorites are Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Mixbook Photo Co. and Snapfish.


A soft, cuddly blanket can be the perfect gift for your grandparents. They can use it at night or during the day on the couch while reading their favorite book or looking at tv.

Warm Slippers

A pair of indoor slippers to keep their feet warm will instantly become your grandparents’ favorite gift.

Matching PJs With The Grandkids

Make your grandparents feel included and closer to their grandkids with matching PJs. This is a really sweet idea especially if they aren’t able to be there physically. Whether it’s their birthday or Christmas morning, suggest that they wear it for breakfast and then have a video call with their grandkids. It can also be really fun to let it be a surprise for the call for the grandparents and the grandkids!

Personalized Cutting Board

An awesome gift for your grandparents who love to cook is a personalized cutting board. This will definitely become their favorite must-have in the kitchen.

Herb Garden For The Kitchen

Growing a herb garden in the kitchen will not only be a fun project for your grandparents but it has the added benefit of them being able to conveniently pick fresh herbs for their favorite dishes. This can also save them time and money.


If it’s time to upgrade your grandparent’s kettle, choose from any of these. Choose from variety of sizes and types – a stovetop kettle, a stainless steel kettle, a glass kettle, or a kettle with a LED indicator.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

A Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the perfect addition for grandma and grandpa’s kitchen. It’s a blender and food processer which includes a 72 oz pitcher, a food processor bowl, and 2 16 oz Ninja cups.

Instant Pot Duo

This amazing time saving Instant Pot Duo is a combination of 7 appliances – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker and warmer. There’s a choice of 4 sizes and 3 different styles – Duo, Duo Nova and Duo Plus. Make cooking a breeze for your grandparents.

Food Processor

If your grandparents need a new food processor to make their food prep easier, choose from a large variety here. You can find your perfect food processor based on your budget, capacity and features.

Multipurpose Hand Held Blender

For quick and easy blending, a multipurpose hand help blender is perfect. This blender is small, lightweight and can be used directly in a cooking pot once your food has cooled or in a bowl, depending on your needs.

ILife Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Looking to splurge on your grandparents? Look no further! This Ilife Robot Vacuum Cleaner is sure to make their life easier. No more battling with a broom or vacuum on tiled, hardwood, stone or laminate floors. It’s designed to easily go under furniture and hard to reach places.

There are 4 cleaning modes – auto clean, edge clean, spot clean and scheduled clean. This cleaner also comes with a remote to make it even easier to operate. When the battery is low, it searches for it’s charging dock and returns to charge. Other features include smart protection to avoid obstacles or falling off stairs.

I’ve personally never used this cleaner but it’s on my wish list for sure!

video Door Bell

A Video Door Bell will allow your grandparents to see, hear and speak to people at the door from their phone, tablet or selected echo device. There are many to choose from to fit in your budget. Be sure to do your research so that you get the features you want and the most value for your money.

Automatic Bag Illuminator

The best gift to get grandparents for their bags is an automatic bag illuminator. Make getting items out of Grandma’s purse or Grandpa’s bag a breeze with the help of light!

Bluetooth Tracker

Are your grandparents tired of misplacing their belongings? I know I am and this is definitely on my wish list! A Bluetooth tracker will help find important items quickly. It will also ease your grandparents’ minds as they won’t have to worry about forgetting where they’ve put items like keys or their wallets.

DIY Handmade Art & Craft

Possibly the most treasured and cherished gifts to give grandparents include any handmade gifts from grandkids. Some great handmade DIY gift ideas include:

  1. Cards
  2. Craft project
  3. Paintings
  4. Handprints
  5. Footprints
  6. Jar of well wishes

To add an extra special personal touch, make your own personalized wrapping paper for your gifts.

Wrapping Up Gifts For Grandparents

Getting the perfect gifts for grandparents can be as simple or as grand as you want it to be. Once it’s thoughtful and comes from your heart, your grandparents are going to love and cherish it.

What are some gift ideas for grandparents that you love?

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