Family Christmas Traditions – Ideas To Make Christmas Magical In 2022

family christmas traditions to make christmas magical

Start some of these Family Christmas Traditions in 2022 to have the happiest Christmas yet.

When I was a kid family Christmas traditions made Christmas magical! Now that I’m a mom, it feels even more magical. Now, I get to start my own family Christmas traditions and made it magical for my kids.

This winter is going to be our second winter Christmas – and it has already started as a cold and snowy one! Now that our family is complete, we’re going to be starting a few family Christmas Traditions and activities of our own.

Family traditions also seek to teach our kids what’s important in life! It can most certainly be argued that Christmas has become a commercial holiday. But, I believe that’s only true if we let it be true. There’s still so much magic.

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What Are good family Christmas traditions

Family traditions make us feel a sense of belonging. They made us feel secure and loved. They’re a beautiful way of bringing family together, no matter what, to celebrate a certain event or time.

Good family Christmas traditions seek to do the same things. They seek to bring us closer together, to feel loved, secured, and a sense of belonging.

There’s something about having special activities and traditions for one time of the year. Over the years, Christmas has become pretty commercial. So, to ensure that we remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, these traditions are even more important to us.

how to Make Traditions Special For The Kids

Making family Christmas traditions special is easy because it’s so personal and unique to you and your family. From the Christmas activities to the meaning behind what your family does, it all works to make Christmas special and memorable.

You can use any idea you see in this post or any other Christmas traditions post as inspiration. Tailor to suit your personality and family and make it your own.

Family traditions should be meaningful and fun! They should bring us closer together, to enjoy one another and experience occasions and events together.

For our family, it’s about slowing down and enjoying the moments with our loved ones.

Whether it’s cooking, decorating, gift wrapping, family games, singing or giving. It’s about having fun with ever family activity and tradition. It’s about laughing so much that your tummy hurts.

Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2022

Family Christmas Traditions to start this year to have a very Merry Christmas! Make Christmas 2020 a year to remember. Get your family in the Christmas spirit and help the kids create lifetime memories with these festive, fun and meaningful Christmas traditions and activities.

Family Christmas Traditions can start long before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year, our family is going to try some of these ideas to have a very merry, memorable Christmas.

Family Christmas Traditions For the Christmas season or only for the 12 days of Christmas:

  1. Read a Christmas story every night
  2. Look at Family Christmas movies while sipping on homemade hot chocolate
  3. Make a few Christmas playlists
  4. Listen to Christmas music and spend some quality time together
  5. Participate in a toy drive
  6. Participate in a hamper drive
  7. Volunteer at your church or community center
  8. Family game nights
  9. Attend local Christmas Tree lighting event
  10. Attend local Christmas Fairs or Markets
  11. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  12. Pick & decorate a Christmas Tree
  13. Make Christmas crafts and decorate the house
  14. Have fun creating handmade gifts and cards for parents, grandparents, and cousins
  15. Make a countdown Advent Calender with the kids
  16. Write letters to Santa
  17. Visit Santa
  18. Write letters from Santa to each kid, highlighting that they’ve made it to the nice list and why
  19. Making and choosing gifts for one another and other family members
  20. Wrap gifts
  21. Hang Christmas stockings for Santa to fill up
  22. Learn a new carol
  23. Perform carols or the Christmas story
  24. Snow fun if there’s snow
  25. Attend or host a family Christmas Party
  26. Indulge in some much-needed self-care (get some ideas here)
  27. Make your favorite Christmas dishes together
  28. Attend Christmas Service
  29. Track Santa
  30. Have Santa calls
  31. Make a favorite or signature dish e.g. Bake Christmas Ham & Turkey
  32. Do a family Christmas Eve Box
  33. Open gifts from Santa and Christmas stockings in our PJs
  34. Keep some gifts to open during the 12 days of Christmas
  35. Have all Christmas meals together
  36. Family Video Chats
  37. Spend some time to highlight what we’re grateful for
  38. Spend time with extended family
  39. Taking down decorations and packing up
  40. Making New Years resolutions
Christmas Traditions For Families - Get your family in the Christmas spirit this year with these fun Family Christmas Traditions. Make this Christmas a year to remember. Help your kids create lifetime memories with these festive, fun and meaningful Christmas traditions and activities

Wrapping Up Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2022

I hope these ideas provide some fantastic inspiration for starting your own family Christmas traditions and activities. Remember, it’s not about a to-do list or a bucket list, it’s about enjoying the moments this and every Christmas. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas or to have family traditions. It’s all about you and your family totally loving the season.

Whether it’s attending mass and having spiritual traditions, volunteering, donating to others, cooking together, snuggling, and watching movies…whatever makes your family happy, that’s what you need to do!

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What family Christmas traditions do you currently enjoy and what new ones would you love to start up this year to make your Christmas magical, merry and bright?

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