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Ever wonder what topics to research with your kids? I’ve got you covered with this list of topics to research for kids by kids. My kids, nieces, and nephews all chipped in to create this awesome list.

My 6 year old came up with the idea for this blog post – so credit goes to him 🙂

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Developing Kids’ Research Skills

Research skills are so beneficial and important in the world we live in today. Teaching your kids how to research topics and allowing them to navigate and soak in all the new-found knowledge is a skill that will last a lifetime. It feeds their inquisitive minds and helps to nurture their learning. It encourages their healthy thirst for knowledge – another skill that will surely benefit them throughout life.

Show And Tell

Once you’ve gathered your resarch information for your topic, don’t stop there. Get your kids to do a project for show and tell for the family or if they’re older, get them to write an essay on what they’ve learned.

Research Topics For Kids By Kids

  1. What is evolution?
  2. What is the big bang?
  3. What is the solar system?
  4. What is the black hole?
  5. What is the space station?
  6. How do rockets fly?
  7. What is a meteor?
  8. What planet has the largest volcano?
  9. When last did Olympus Mons erupt?
  10. How did the storm on Jupiter form?
  11. How big is the earth?
  12. How many continents are there on earth?
  13. What is an eclipse?
  14. How hot is the sun?
  15. How far away is the sun?
  16. What are UV rays?
  17. What is a supernova?
  18. How do we run?
  19. How did baby dinosaurs grow?
  20. How did dinosaurs become extinct?
  21. How do natural disasters form?
  22. Why does it rain?
  23. Where do winds come from?
  24. What is a hurricane?
  25. Why are some countries affected by hurricanes and some are not?
  26. What is a tornado?
  27. What is snow?
  28. What is a volcano?
  29. What is the biggest volcano on earth?
  30. What is magma?
  31. What is the tallest mountain on earth?
  32. What is an earthquake?
  33. How come some countries have 4 seasons and some have 2?
  34. Which countries have 4 seasons?
  35. Which countries have 2 seasons?
  36. What is the equator?
  37. Where is the hottest place on earth?
  38. Where is the coldest place on earth?
  39. How are rainbows formed?
  40. How do trees grow?
  41. What is the tallest tree?
  42. How many people are there on earth?
  43. Who is the oldest person alive?
  44. Who was the oldest person to live?
  45. Who is the tallest person ever?
  46. Who is the shortest person ever?
  47. What country has the most people?
  48. What is an immune system?
  49. How do we get sick?
  50. How do we build a good immune system?
  51. Why do we need to drink water?
  52. How do we grow?
  53. How does our brain work?
  54. How does our heart work?
  55. How do our muscles grow?
  56. How many bones do we have?
  57. How do you fix a broken bone?
  58. How do our wounds heal?
  59. What is a vitamin?
  60. Why do we sneeze?
  61. Why do we cough?
  62. Why do we get brain freeze?
  63. Why do we laugh?
  64. Why do we cry?
  65. Why do we hiccup?
  66. What happens when we get angry?
  67. Why do we stop growing?
  68. When will I stop growing?
  69. How do we get gray hair?
  70. What is a cavity?
  71. Why do our teeth fall out?
  72. How do we float?
  73. Why do we dream?
  74. How are movies made?
  75. How are cartoons made?

Research Topics Final Thoughts

My kids love to research and now, we use this list to choose our topic. So, it has actually brought some structure to our researching. I have to admit here that I’ve been learning so many cool things. It’s really a lot of fun and I didn’t realize I didn’t know so much.

Hope you love this list as much as we loved creating it? How do you research topics with your kids?

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