Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under $10 in 2022

christmas stocking stuffers and fillers for kids - budget friendly, affordable and frudal

Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids can be hard to come by, especially if you have a big family. Sometimes after buying the “big gifts” for kids, the stocking stuffers become afterthoughts. That’s why I put together this list of great Christmas stocking fillers for kids to make things easy for you!

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Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas

Christmas Stocking Fillers And Stuffers For Kids - budget friendly & frugal Christmas gift ideas for babies, toddlers & kids

This is a list of fun Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids to inspire you this year.

To make shopping a breeze for you, I’ve included Amazon links. Simply click on any of the gift ideas to get them on Amazon!

Christmas Stocking Fillers For Babies & Toddlers – 12m – 36m

These affordable Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for babies and toddlers are perfect gifts to put in your baby’s stocking for Christmas morning. They’re small, practical and loads of fun for baby or toddler to play with all year round.

  1. Plush toy
  2. Disney Toys
  3. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Remote or any of these!
  4. Stacking cups
  5. Sassy Stacks of Circles – Stem Toy Learning
  6. Toothbrush Set
  7. Disney Mickey Mouse First Books
  8. First 100 Words
  9. Playskoll Form Fitter
  10. Bath Toys
  11. Coloring Books
  12. My First Crayola Triangular Crayons
  13. Palm Grasp Crayons
  14. Activity Balls
  15. Watch

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids 4-7

These are great Christmas gift ideas for kids 4-7 years and small enough to fit into the Christmas stockings. I’ve separated them into categories to make browsing and shopping for your kid’s Christmas stocking filler easier. So, no matter what your kid is interested in, you’ll easily find a Christmas gift idea!

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Book Ideas

These are always awesome Christmas presents to give kids. Whether it’s reading, coloring or sticker books, kids always use them and they never get dull and boring. In fact, out of all of their gifts, they may use books more often than their toys. The use them every day of the year!

Every night we read stories and they also really love learning from facts books. Coloring and sticking books help them explore their creative side and it’s so much fun to see them grow.

Here are our top picks:

  1. Awesome facts book
  2. National Geographic Dinosaur Book
  3. Human Body Activity Book
  4. Story books
  5. Bug book
  6. How to draw 101 animals book
  7. Joke book
  8. Sticker pad or this one
  9. Coloring Book
  10. Coloring & Sticker book
  11. Paint by sticker book
  12. Learn to draw book

Art & Craft Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas

I’m not an artsy or crafty mom but my kids really love it. So this year I’m going to get some of these art & craft Christmas stocking stuffers to help my kids explore their artistic and craft side. I’m really excited to see their creations!

  1. Scratch Art Mini Notes
  2. Scratch Paper Notes
  3. Fun Festive Christmas Balloons
  4. Play Doh
  5. Modeling Clay
  6. Markers
  7. Colored Pencils
  8. Crayons
  9. Paint
  10. Paint Brushes
  11. Apron for painting
  12. Activity book
  13. Stampers
  14. Glow in the dark stars

Christmas Stocking Stocking Games & Puzzles Ideas

My kids are now getting into board and card games, so this year we’re adding them to the stocking fillers list. The best part is that our whole family will enjoy it. Puzzles have always been a staple with our kids and they love to build them over and over.

  1. Puzzles
  2. Board game
  3. Hoyle Fun Card games
  4. Memory game
  5. Uno
  6. Word Searches Workbook
  7. Slinky
  8. Flashlight
  9. Glow Sticks
  10. Speed Cube
  11. Hot Wheels
  12. Disney Princess Necklace

Toys & Outdoor Ideas To Fill Kids’ Christmas Stockings

Of course, toys are important for any gift-giving occasion. These toys are sure to encourage play and allow kids to use their imagination or get active outside.

These are our top 12 toy ideas for kids:

  1. Lego
  2. Bouncy ball
  3. Frisbee
  4. Yo-Yo
  5. Sidewalk Chalk
  6. Led Gloves
  7. Giant Wands Kit
  8. Can Robot
  9. Binoculars
  10. Slime Kit
  11. Marbles
  12. Dolls

Practical & Useful Christmas Stocking Stuffers

I love buying practical and useful gifts for everyone. It’s a fantastic stocking filler for everyone in the family. Toys are fun, of course, but these practical Christmas stocking fillers are the presents that your kids will use and appreciate day to day.

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Christmas Socks
  4. Personalized T Shirt
  5. Pajamas
  6. Hat
  7. Night Light
  8. Watch
  9. Just My Style Color Your Own Water Bottle
  10. Water cup
  11. Money Box
  12. Wallet

Christmas Stocking Snacks Fillers

What better way to end our stocking gift ideas list than with snacks! We don’t usually put a lot in their stockings (for obvious reasons, lol) so we usually do an assortment and stash the leftovers for the rest of the Christmas season.

  1. Goldfish
  2. Fruit Snacks
  3. Mini Christmas chocolates
  4. Chewy Bars
  5. Whole Grain bars
  6. Rice Krispies
  7. Assorted Cookies
  8. Organic Vitamin C Lollipops
  9. Danish Butter Cookies
  10. Greek Yogis
Christmas Stocking Stuffer and Filler Ideas For Kids - budget friendly & frugal Christmas gift ideas for babies, toddlers & kids

Wrapping Up Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

So, there you have it – our Christmas stocking stuffer gift guide for kids! I’m sure you had lots of fun browsing through this list and I hope I’ve provided great inspiration for you this Christmas.

Stocking stuffers always prove to be the perfect additions to Santa gifts and often they come as a reminder that great things come in small packages 🙂

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Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Christmas shopping guys!

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