5 Easy Daily Self Care Ideas

For Moms Who Have No Time

self care ideas for happy moms

These easy self care ideas for moms are simple enough for the busiest mom. These are great self-care tips for days when you’re short on time and don’t know what to do.

Pampering yourself and relieving stress are as necessary as eating. This is definitely an area I continuously struggle with as a mom.

There’s always something to do that feels more important than taking care of me – writing that now seems so ridiculous but nonetheless, a lot of moms feel that way.

Putting yourself and your needs last almost feels natural. But, at the end of the day, after you’ve taken care of everyone else, who’s taking care of you? 

I knew that I needed to start doing things for ME but I honestly didn’t know where to start. I googled and went on Pinterest and while I read a lot of great ideas (body scrubs, facials, mani & Pedi), I just didn’t want to do those – I tried a few but they just didn’t make me feel rejuvenated – perhaps I was doing it wrong lol. For me, those things feel like more work (maybe not the bubble bath but I don’t have a tub!).

So through trial and error, I had to find what worked for me.

Self care and pampering yourself isn’t the same for everyone – it can be as simple or as extravagant as you need it to be.

It could be a walk in the park or a shopping spree. Whatever makes your mind and soul feel happy – that’s what you need to do.

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Why Self Care Is Important For Moms

For a long time since having my sons, I didn’t understand the need for “me time”. I felt such joy being around them and caring for them that I really didn’t feel like I needed anything more. Fast forward to becoming a stay at home mom!

Not only did I understand the need for some alone time to rejuvenate but I felt like my body screamed at me to retract and rejuvenate.

No matter where we are, they find us! We joke about it, it’s cute and yes, of course we love it to an extent because we know it means that we’re doing a great job and we’re their world. But not taking time to yourself as a mom is downright dangerous.

If you continue to give your all to your families only, you’re going to burn out. Not only are you going to feel overwhelmed but your health will suffer (headaches, extreme exhaustion, to name a few).

You also risk being short-tempered and may even start to resent our loved ones.

Not taking care of yourself can be counter productive. You aren’t taking the time to care for yourself, presumably because you have none. But when (and you will) crash will be forced to take the time to heal. It’s therefore arguably better to take a little time each day to practice self-care and rejuvenate.

Making self care a priority is important as a mom because first of all, you deserve it! You work tirelessly for your family and you deserve it!

Another reason self-care is so important is that it allows you to be at your best for yourself, your kids and your partner.

You’re also teaching your kids that it’s a necessary part of life so that they grow up understanding the importance of self-care and so, they’re more likely to practice it.

5 daily self care ideas for moms

How To Make Time For Yourself As a Mom

Now you understand the importance of having some alone time to rejuvenate and reboot. But, as busy moms, how do we do that when it feels like we barely have time to complete all of our daily tasks.

Here are some ideas to find some time every day to practice self care:

  • Part ways with your mobile device for a set time frame EVERY day!
  • Create routines for you and your family (the time-saving benefits will surprise you!)
  • Ensure that the kids have quiet, alone time too!
  • Maximize naptimes by planning ahead of time

How To Create A Self Care Routine for Moms

Creating routines for you and your family is one of the best things you can do for everyone. So much time is wasted when you just don’t know what you should be doing.

A lot of time can be spent on getting kids to do things throughout the day but once they follow a routine, they adapt very quickly.

Download the free self care planner from the freebie library.

Selfcare Planner Free Printable

5 Easy Self Care Ideas For Moms

I personally don’t like spending a lot of money on myself. I have to carefully think of the pros and cons before spending money.

So while I may enjoy spa days or shopping sprees, spending that money will cause me more stress than relaxation.

So, I had to come up with cheaper (preferably free) ways to rejuvenate myself.

These are the best self care activities. They’re so simple and effective!

1. Disconnect for a bit 

A mini digital detox rejuvenates me like nothing else right now.

There was a time in my life where my Blackberry (remember those? lol) was stuck to me. If I didn’t have it, I almost felt naked. 

Even after having my two sons, I was still heavily connected.

After having my baby girl, I felt like I was drowning and I didn’t know what to do so, I took off my data and it was AMAZING!

Yes, I missed my friends but instead of messaging and checking my phone every minute, we had phone conversations and visits!

I really underestimated the power of hearing someone’s voice and spending quality in-person time with them.

This quickly became my favorite way of destressing and rejuvenating myself. At night, I put down my phone and either spend some alone time or spend some time with my hubby.

I’ve found that pampering myself doesn’t always have to mean alone time. As parents of 3 young kids, spending quality time with your significant other can be just as rejuvenating. 

2. Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Being positive has some incredible health benefits.

The main one for me is that it lowers my stress levels and allows me to function more efficiently.

Try these short positive affirmations and these self love affirmations to manifest more of what you want in your life.

It’s true that trying to be positive can be harder than it seems.

I’m not a negative person but I do vent and I’ve realized that having negative people around me can be draining sometimes. 

While venting is necessary from time to time, it can become addictive and somewhat dangerous. It can lead to being stuck in your negative feelings.

When you need to vent, let it out, then regroup and start finding solutions or at the very least, develop a better mindset about the situation. 

When you think positively, life just gets better! You train your mind to see the good and to see better perspectives.

I absolutely love reading positive, motivational, and uplifting quotes. It improves my mindset, even when I’m already in a good mood.

One of the first things I like to do and one of the last things before bed is to read positive quotes and reflect on them.

Another good idea can be to get the entire family involved. You can incorporate it into your family life by selecting a quote of the day or week and putting it on the fridge.

3. Head To Your Favorite Place! 

Having a favorite place where you feel stress and frustrations leave your body is everything!

Mine is the beach. I love to stare into the ocean, hear the waves crashing, and just dream or think. 

Similarly, find a place where you feel at peace – whether it’s in nature or at home. If it’s possible for you to get to that place more regularly, I recommend that you make it a priority.

4. Work on your physical fitness

No, I don’t mean you have to do an hour of exercise or HIIT – though if that’s your thing then, please! Do it! 

A simple walk in your neighborhood or park can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Seeing and feeling your physical fitness transform is extremely rewarding.

Not only can you achieve physical goals through exercise, but the overall health benefits are second to none. 

5. Get a massage 

I think as moms we all yearn for this one.

I don’t love getting a professional massage and fortunately, my husband gives the best massages! Getting a relaxing back or foot massage is the PERFECT way to end my night and ensure that I have a great sleep. 

Self-care Makes You a Better Mom

These are five of the best self-care activities and tips for moms. They will reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Before experimenting with what I needed, I fumbled through the suggestions I found online and from friends. I, therefore, encourage you to find your go tos and start implementing them in your daily life. 

If you need a much longer list of self care activities to help you with your self care routines, try this list of 101 self care ideas.

I’d love to hear from you, moms – what are some of your favorite self care ideas ?

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Self Care Ideas For Moms”

  1. Minimizing my time on social media and disconnecting for a bit is really beneficial to mental health …and something I have to keep working on. Thanks for these self care ideas !

    1. We’re all so digitally connected, especially right now. It’s easy to get sucked in – 5 mins easily becomes 30 mins. I also slip up periodically and as soon as I take some time off, I ALWAYS feel better and rejuvenated. I’m glad you enjoyed these self-care ideas, Maria.

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