Self Love Journal Prompts


Self love journal prompts are great for morning journaling and work incredibly well with self love affirmations to love yourself more and to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

Loving yourself more, means that you have a meaningful appreciation for yourself and a deeper appreciation for your self worth.

Be sure to download the self love journal prompts pdf from the freebie library to help start your day right, with these awesome morning journal prompts.

Journal Prompts For Self Love

These self love writing prompts can be used as formally or informally as you wish. You can have a dedicated journal to write in or you can use an app on your phone or laptop if that’s your preference.

The key is to get yourself in the habit of writing positively about yourself. Writing has a more powerful impact than thinking only. These questions about yourself allow you to dig deep so that you can quiet the noise and love yourself for who you are.

Writing helps you to focus on thinking only about yourself for a designated part of your day. It’s a time for yourself, about yourself and most of all, to improve yourself.

Benefits of Journal Prompts For Self Love

These self love writing prompts will help you:

  • love yourself more
  • develop healthy self love habits
  • increase your self worth
  • increase your self esteem
  • give more freely to loved ones
  • build healthier relationships with others

Self Love Journal Challenge

There is no limit to how much you should write or when you should journal. You can journal as often as you like and when is most convenient you to devote uninterrupted time to yourself.

To start journaling to build self love, you can try to challenge yourself. Decide on when you will journal – first thing in the morning or when you’re winding down every day. Whatever works best for you will be the best time.

7 Day Self Love Journal Challenge

Plan in advance for a week where you will have enough time to set aside to begin your self love journal.

You can choose 7 self love journal prompts before you being the self love journal challenge. Or, you can choose your self love journal prompts just before you begin to journal every day.

Try your best to stick to journaling everyday for the 7 days you set out, even if it’s short. The key is to begin and be consistent.

30 Day Self Love Challenge

You can also challenge yourself to write everyday for 30 days to improve you self love habits and love yourself more.

Use the journal prompts every day for the next 30 days and feel the love you have for yourself grow.

Again, the key is to begin and be consistent with journaling.

Download The Free Self Love Journal Prompts PDF From the Freebie Library

Self Love Journal Prompts PDF - Free Download

Self Love Journal Prompts

Here are some self love prompts to help you journal on your self love journey. These self love guided journal writing prompts

  1. I love myself because
  2. My self love affirmation of the day is
  3. My self care activities for the day is
  4. I can say yes to myself more in these ways
  5. 3 things I love about myself is
  6. I am happiest when
  7. I deserve to be happy because
  8. 3 qualities that make me unique
  9. My 3 top strengths are
  10. I am proud of myself because
  11. My top accomplishments are
  12. I am strong because
  13. I thank myself for
  14. The best compliment I’ve ever received was
  15. How did I feel when I receive compliments
  16. I love my personality because
  17. I’m worthy because
  18. I feel confident when
  19. To become more confident, I will
  20. I forgive myself for
  21. My values in life are
  22. The words I live by are
  23. I need to let go of
  24. To increase my self-esteem, I plan to
  25. I’m physically beautiful because
  26. Top 3 things I love about my body
  27. The top 10 things I love about my body
  28. The top 3 things I want to improve about my body is
  29. To improve the image I have of my body, I will
  30. Today, I’m going to treat myself to
  31. The top 3 things I want to work on in my life are
  32. I changed my life for the better when
  33. I’m passionate about
  34. My insecurities are
  35. I can overcome each insecurity by
  36. My dreams are
  37. I’m inspired by
  38. These things get me excited
  39. These are on my bucket list
  40. I can say no when
  41. These are my boundaries in life
  42. Sometimes, I struggle to love myself when
  43. I can overcome loving myself by
  44. I’m a good friend because
  45. I feel most peaceful when

Before you go, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to download the free self-love journal prompts pdf by signing up for the freebie library. Download to your phone or laptop or print it and keep it in your journal book or close to where you plan to write so that it’s easy for you to use.

Try to start your day by using these self love writing prompts as morning journal prompts.

All the best on your self love journey, I hope you enjoy it and truly love yourself for the amazing person you are.

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