Self Love Affirmations To Love Yourself More

Self Love Affirmations

This list of self love affirmations is exactly what you need when you are struggling to love yourself. Use these positive affirmations for self love to grow and learn how to love yourself again, fiercely and so beautifully.

Improving the love you have yourself can be hard at times as we’re often our worst critic. It’s feels worse when life isn’t going the way we want and when other people make us feel unloved.

Once you have a healthy love for yourself, others cannot penetrate and make you feel any less worthy of love – your love.

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Why Self Love Affirmations Are Important

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is that I can only depend on myself. I’m responsible for the love, understanding, compassion and friendship that I desire and deserve.

The longest relationship you will have in life is the one that you have with yourself. So, use these affirmations to help have a good, worthwhile and happy relationship with yourself.

It is widely thought that affirmations work to rewire your brain and enable you to believe the words you’re repeating to yourself.

Pretty powerful stuff!

So, make your words work for you – let your positive mantras be what you want your life to be and how you want to feel.

Self love affirmations help you:

  • form healthy self love habits
  • love yourself more
  • maintain a healthy relationship with yourself
  • understand yourself more
  • appreciate yourself
  • grow and develop

Self Love Affirmations

To improve your self love, repeat these affirmations to remind yourself of all the love that your deserve and all that you are worth.

You can also write these affirmations every morning on your calendar, to do list or on post-its! Or, you can use them as self love journal prompts.

Even if you don’t believe it at first, trust in the power of positive affirmations and know that eventually, over time, you will not only believe these affirmations but you will love yourself again, love yourself more, drastically improve your mood, attitude, and life.

  1. I love myself
  2. I am irreplaceable
  3. I manifest love
  4. My love is best for me
  5. I accept my love
  6. My self love is infinite
  7. I believe in myself
  8. I am blessed
  9. I am positive
  10. I am condifent
  11. I choose joy
  12. I am beautiful
  13. I am comfortable in my own skin
  14. I am special
  15. I am a good person
  16. I choose me
  17. I am unique
  18. I am amazing
  19. I accept myself
  20. I am where I am supposed to be
  21. I am enough
  22. I respect myself
  23. I am strong
  24. I am whole
  25. I am worthy
  26. I am doing my best
  27. I am proud of myself
  28. I work hard
  29. I am resilient
  30. I am a survivor
  31. I am a warrior
  32. I am loved
  33. Love flows to me
  34. I deserve love
  35. I am passionate
  36. I am centered
  37. I am peaceful
  38. I am successful
  39. I forgive myself
  40. I am a work in progress
  41. I am gentle with myself
  42. I am optimistic
  43. I am talented
  44. I am creative
  45. I am valuable
  46. I embrace my strengths and my weaknesses
  47. I am brave
  48. I follow my dreams
  49. I am motivated to live my best life
  50. I am honorable
  51. I am honest
  52. I am kind
  53. I am so blessed and proud to be me

I hope you enjoy the benefits of these self love affirmations and share with a friend. Remember to use these positive affirmations for self love regularly to consistently improve the relationship you have with yourself.

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