52 Monday Affirmations To Have A Happy & Successful Week

Morning morning affirmations for a happy and successful day and week

These Monday affirmations are perfect to start your day and week right. Set the intention to have a fantastic, happy & successful week with these positive affirmations for Monday.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 52 positive affirmations – that’s one affirmation for every Monday of the year 🙂

These Monday morning affirmations can set the tone for your day and help you to have a productive mindset. You will find that your actions are tailored for your to achieve your desired outcome.

For the best results, repeat these Monday affirmations with feeling and belief in the affirmation.

Monday Affirmations To Have The Best Week

  1. I am grateful for …
  2. Today is a beautiful day
  3. Great things will happen today
  4. I choose happiness
  5. I choose to be positive
  6. I have a fresh start today
  7. I am energized
  8. I am motivated
  9. I believe in myself
  10. I am happy
  11. I am beautiful
  12. I am smart
  13. I become better everyday
  14. I make healthy choices
  15. I see the good in everything
  16. I choose my reaction in every situation
  17. I learn from all mistakes
  18. I grow through life
  19. Success is mine
  20. I am strong
  21. I am productive
  22. I am confident
  23. I am enough
  24. I am worthy
  25. I love myself a little more today
  26. I am special
  27. I choose peace
  28. I let go of negativity
  29. I am safe and secure
  30. I am honest
  31. I respect myself
  32. I am confident
  33. I am decissive
  34. I am the author of my life
  35. I am the change that I want in my life
  36. I make a positive difference in this world
  37. I accept change
  38. I am open to receive blessings coming my way
  39. I am a go getter
  40. I am persistent
  41. I am resilient
  42. I trust my intuitions
  43. I can handle anything today
  44. I have everything I need to solve any problems today
  45. I inspire those around me
  46. I have unlimited potentional
  47. Everything will work out for me today
  48. I choose to let go of past pain and things I cannot control
  49. I choose to be present and live in every moment
  50. I deserve the best
  51. I inhale confidence and exhale doubt
  52. I am invaluable

Choose a positive Monday affirmation that resonates with you and say first thing in the morning and at any time throughout the day. Say your affirmations with feeling and belief and soon enough, you will experience positive changes in your mindset and life.

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