How To Write to Manifest Anything

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Learning how to write to manifest anything you want will change your life. You can manifest anything by writing and believing in your script for manifestation.

Writing for manifestation is a smart way to focus on your desires, thoughts, and dreams.

I’m still fairly new to this concept and technique but so far, I’m absolutely loving it.

I felt the positivity of this process immediately and over the short time of scriptwriting, my frame of mind has been so much more focused and peaceful.

What Is Script writing For manifesting

Script writing for manifestation is writing what you want in the present tense. You are envisioning or visualizing the life you want and deserve.

When you script write to manifest you’re visualizing what your life will be with the manifestation. As you write you’re visualizing how you feel since having what you’ve manifested.

Essentially you’re writing a letter as if your manifestation has already come true and you are currently enjoying the outcome.

When you write to manifest what you want, you are writing a story of how your life will change and how it will be.

You have to believe in your script. You have to be confident that it will be yours.

My scripting or writing style for manifestation is gratitude in the present. I write thank-you letters for the things I want to manifest as if I’ve already received the blessings and I’m grateful.

When I write to manifest, I ensure that I elaborate on my manifestation statement to include my emotions and feelings as if I have my manifestation already.

5 Steps To manifest Anything By Writing

Here are 5 simple steps to manifest anything by writing it down:

  1. Be Clear & specific
  2. Feel & believe
  3. Write your manifestation
  4. Re-write or re-read your manifestation daily for a set period
  5. Let it go

Being Clear & Specific About What You Want Write to manifest

In order for manifestation to work, you have to be very clear and specific about your purpose and what you want while your writing your manifestation.

Before you start writing or scripting, take the necessary time to define and be clear about what you want to manifest.

Another very important point for clarity, especially if you’re giving yourself a timeline, is to be truthful and realistic with your manifestation.

Scriptwriting or writing to manifest what you want, in a specific time frame, isn’t about dreaming too big. It’s about being realistic with where you are in your life now and how truly attainable is your manifestation in the time frame you’ve decided on.

For instance, if you have no job and no savings, an unrealistic manifestation may be to purchase a multi million dollar home in cash within 3 months. The reason that this would be unrealistic is because of where you are in your life and the doubt that may follow you when you write to manifest what you want.

When you write in your script journal in a very specific and clear manner, you’re allowing yourself to focus on exactly what you want.

Being clear helps your mind to be open to the opportunities, steps, and decisions necessary, on the path to get what you’re wanting to manifest.

You could choose one or just a few things you want to manifest at any one point.

Feel & Believe What You Write To Manifest – Vibrations

This is a big one! You need to feel and believe that your manifestation is going to happen and that you are ready for it to happen.

Some people refer to this as your vibrations or your energy.

For instance, are you wishing for something great to happen with someone but you’re holding on to anger, resentment, sadness, or regret concerning the person?

If this is your energy or vibration then it will prove to be an obstacle for your manifestation.

You are not in a state to receive your manifestation just yet and this makes your manifestation unrealistic for the near future.

As mentioned in the first point, for manifestation to work, it’s important to be truthful with yourself and where you are in your life and be realistic with your manifestation.

If you are not truthful with yourself and you’re not realistic with your manifestation, then you’re not going to truly believe when you’re scriptwriting to manifest what you want.

As you’re writing what you want to manifest, allow yourself to visualize how you would feel living that life.

Write about how you will feel and how you are enjoying your manifestation.

Sometimes you want something now but you don’t believe that you can get it or, you don’t believe that you deserve it.

For manifestations to be successful you have to be in a place of positivity and belief that the blessings are yours before you start to write your manifest script.

When you believe and feel how you will feel when have received your manifestation, you will adjust your thinking and behaviors to match that version of yourself.

So, before you write to manifest anything you want, get yourself ready to truly believe and feel that it will happen for you.

short guide on how to Write Manifestations:

This is the part where you put pen to paper. Scripting manifestations are powerful when you are positive, believe, and feel great about what you’re writing.

  1. Write a gratitude letter in the present tense
  2. Elaborate & be descriptive with details
  3. Describe how you feel since receiving your manifestation

Write a Gratitude Letter To Manifest

Write your manifestation letter in the form of a gratitude letter to whomever you choose.

It could be to a higher power, like your God, or to the universe.

Write about your manifestation, life, and feelings in the present tense as if you have already received your manifestation.

Elaborate & Be Descriptive When You Write To Manifest

Write your manifestation very clearly, specifically, and in detail.

Be descriptive and elaborate with details of the life you are now living since you’ve manifested what you want.

For instance, if you’re scripting to manifest love, be specific about the qualities you want in the love that you will receive (remembering to write it in the present tense).

Write about your feelings and emotions To Manifest

In the present tense, write about how you feel now that you have your manifestation and how you’re enjoying it.

As you’re scripting, be mindful about believing everything you are writing in your manifestation script.

To end, sign the letter from a place of gratitude.

Re Write or Re-read your Manifestation script daily

This step is optional and I’ve seen many different opinions and practices.

Some believe that re-writing or re-reading the same manifestation script can lead to obsession or constantly focusing on the fact that your manifestation has not come true as yet.

They believe that the power of scripting or writing to manifest is complete once you’re written it in the right frame of mind. So, once your manifestation is written, the belief is to let it go immediately.

Others believe that re-writing or re-reading the same manifestation script for a certain period of time (for example 30 days) is important, before letting it go. The belief is that it will strengthen your positivity, vibrations, and energy for your manifestation.

Let it Go

Now it’s time to let it go, surrender and trust that it will happen.

We live in a world where we want to have results now and when something isn’t happening for us when we want it to, it’s easy to get frustrated.

But practice patience and trust the timing of your life. Do not allow yourself to have doubt.

You’ve put your manifestation out there, now allow the technique to work. Stay open and willing to wait for the right time for your manifestation.

What you want to manifest will come at the right time for you – believe in this.

After you have written your manifestation letter, release it and have faith that it will come to you.

Believe and feel that your manifestation will come true.

Keep your positive energy and vibrations high and do not worry about what you’ve manifested in your script.

Best Time To Script Write To Manifest

The best time for you to write to manifest what you want is when you are in the best frame of mind and when you have a period of quiet, uninterrupted time.

I personally prefer to write my script every morning and re-read it right before bed.

I love scripting for manifestation first thing in the morning as it helps me with my mood and sets my day on a positive note.

In the night, before bed is a great way to end your day well and can even improve the quality of your sleep.

How Often Should You Write to Manifest

Ultimately, you should write to manifest in whatever frequency you feel comfortable with.

I’ve known people to script write to manifest daily, twice a week, or three times a week.

I’ve also known people to write to manifest as often as twice a day every day.

Scripting to manifest daily is a great way to form this healthy and beneficial habit but if daily is too much, to begin with, ease into it and write as often as you feel comfortable.

Scripting Manifestation Examples

Let’s start off with what you need to start your script journal for manifesting.

  1. Quiet place to script write your manifestations
  2. Get a manifestation scripting journal
  3. Pen only for scripting

To script write in your journal, you can come up with your unique way or you can follow this format and example.

  1. Date your letter
  2. Express gratefulness for the manifestation
  3. Be very specific and detailed

Script Example Of Manifesting Financial Freedom


Dear God or universe or person’s name,

I am grateful for reaching my goal of financial freedom. It feels amazing to be debt-free and to see money in my bank account balance. I am so happy that I am able to live comfortably and buy everything that I need without worrying. I feel so excited to have this opportunity to start investing and saving for my future now.

Thank you so much.

Sign your name

Manifest Anything You want By Writing

Manifestation by writing has been proven to be a powerful and successful technique by many.

However, if you’re skeptical, try it out anyway, you have nothing to lose. At the very least, you will experience the benefits of practicing gratitude, being more positive and focused on your goals and dreams.

Once you have benefitted from this change in your attitude and approach to life, I’m sure you will continue to write to manifest what you want in life.

I hope that this post has encouraged you to try to manifest anything you want by writing. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what your experience has been.

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