7 Day Self Love Challenge

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Self love is the first step to living your best life and this 7 day self love challenge is the perfect way to get you started.

At the end of 7 days the love you have for yourself will be renewed and strengthened.

The hope is that you continue your self love journey beyond these initial 7 days.

For some of us, it may not be as easy to love ourselves in the way that we need.

It took me a long time to fully understand the importance of loving yourself first, before loving others.

Once I started mindfully practicing self love, the relationship I had with myself and the relationships I had with loved ones improved and strengthened.

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How Will This 7 Day Self Love Challenge Help You?

At the end of this 7 day self love challenge, you will be off to a great start to:

  • love yourself more
  • have a deeper understanding of yourself
  • connect with yourself
  • build a relationship with yourself
  • see your worth more
  • appreciate and accept who you are
  • start learning your core values
  • increase your self-respect
  • make decisions that align with your happiness
  • increase your self confidence
  • learn self compassion
  • forgive yourself
  • accept yourself
  • set proper boundaries with loved ones
  • improve the quality of relationships in your life

7 Day Self Love Challenge

This self love challenge is purposely designed to be very simple so that it’s easy and beneficial.

The self-love activities involved allows you to go as deep as you’re comfortable with.

Ease into it and do the challenge multiple times to incorporate it into your daily life. It’s totally up to you.

The 7 day self love challenge:

  1. Digital detox
  2. Start a journal
  3. Practice mindfulness or meditation
  4. Repeat daily positive affirmations
  5. Start a self-care routine
  6. Prioritize your health and physical well being
  7. Sleep in and relax

1. Disconnect with a digital detox

The best way to begin this 7 day self love challenge and your self-love journey are to disconnect, specifically digitally. This had one of the biggest positive impacts on my life and I highly recommend it to everyone.

When I do a digital detox, the quality of my life skyrockets every time. I always find so much time to do the things that bring the most value to my life.

There are obvious benefits to social media and being able to connect with loved ones digitally. Similar to other activities in life though balance is everything!

Social media and always being connected can be a time suck. It becomes habitual to scroll through social media, sometimes even forgetting our initial search intent.

In addition to social media, instant messaging can be damaging. The need to check and respond every time you have a notification on your phone can be intrusive and unnecessary.

You can do a digital detox in whatever way is best for you.

These 3 steps are what worked for me to detox digitally:

  1. Delete all social media or remove notifications from your phone
  2. Schedule times to check your messages and social media accounts
  3. Limit screen time, especially at home

2. Start a journal 

Journaling hasn’t ever been a consistent activity for me but I’ve always found that writing is a very beneficial and effective emotional outlet for me.

Since starting this blog, I’ve fallen in love with writing and getting my thoughts out of my head.

Writing has brought such clarity and my ability to work through tough situations improved drastically.

You may not have a lot of time to devote to writing every day in a journal but setting aside some time for yourself to try to sort through your thoughts and feelings will be well spent.

If you’re not sure how to get started, try these journal prompts.

3. Practice Mindfulness or Meditation

Meditation can benefit everyone! Even short meditation sessions can be quite effective. I’m by no means an expert and I still don’t do it as often as I would like but I always notice positive effects, even with the little that I do.

Meditation is an ancient wellness practice that focuses on training awareness, attention, and compassion. 

In recent years, research has found that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase feelings of calm and relaxation. 


You can search on youtube to get some ideas to start meditating.

This 5 minute Meditation from Goodful is one of my favorites. Goodful also has a 15 minute Meditation For Self Love – perfect to get you started on your self love journey.

4. Daily Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are one of the easiest and most beneficial self love and self care activities.

Talking positively to yourself will change your life!

Try 7 positive affirmations this week from this list and I guarantee you will start realizing the positive impacts.

5. Develop and maintain a self care routine

Ensuring that you prioritize self-care and take time to rejuvenate is so necessary, especially now.

Self-care activities can be grand or simple – it’s totally up to you.

The perfect self-care activity for you is anything that will bring value to your well being.

If you need some ideas or inspiration, check out these 101 self care ideas.

6. Prioritize your health and physical well being 

Loving yourself more also includes loving the skin you’re in and taking care of it every day.

Your health and physical well being are crucial parts of self-love.

Spend some time on day 6 to audit your health and physical well being.

Decide what’s important to you and start making a realistic plan to achieve your goals.

For example, perhaps you can decide to make healthier food choices or to drink more water.

Physically, you can decide that you would like to incorporate exercise more into your daily life, whether it’s cardio, strength training, yoga, or simply some light stretching.

If this is a tough area for you, start small.

By starting small and staying consistent you are more likely to stay on track and progress at your own pace.

7. Sleep In & Relax

On day 7, slow down, sleep in and have a relaxing day!

When you are busy and constantly active, you may not even realize how much you need to rest.

Try these sleep tips to get more quality sleep and allow your body and mind to get some much-needed rest.

If you’re a parent, let the kids do some laid back activities that require little supervision so that you can take it easy.

7 day self love challenge

Beyond The 7 Day Self Love Challenge

You don’t have to do this 7 day self love challenge in the order set out above but I really advise that you start with a digital detox so that you can free up lots of time to enjoy the rest of this self love challenge.

At the end of your self-love challenge, don’t stop there.

Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of each self-love activity and try your best to make these activities a regular part of your lifestyle.

Let me know in the comments below how you felt after investing this time in yourself.  

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